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Core Services:

National Human Services Assembly (NHSA) -- an association of seventy-five of the nation's leading national nonprofit human service and community development organizations. The members and their affiliates touch virtually every community in America through over one hundred fifty thousand local sites. The Assembly is the vehicle through which leaders of these national organizations and movements share knowledge, develop cross-cutting strategies and take collective action.  NHSA works with JPI to advance the goal of greater integrations of physical and social planning strategies in communities.

Southeastern Institute for Research (SIR)-- A Richmond, VA, based marketing and research firm, SIR utilizes the latest tools and techniques for conducting in-depth interviews, ethnographical observations, focus groups, and quantitative surveys (self-administered, telephone-based, and online).  Their skilled researchers are experienced in conducting sophisticated data analytics using univariate and multivariate analyses. Since 1964, SIR has helped hundreds of companies, organizations, and associations find ways to improve and grow through research-inspired insights.  SIR provides the survey research services available through the Viable Futures Center.

Age-Wave Community Planning:

JABA -- a federally mandated area agency on aging in the Charlottesville, VA, region since 1975, JABA has brought together diverse partners to transform the way the public and private sectors address the aging of the community – so that all generations benefit from sustainable community planning.  Initiatives include applying the point of view of the Viable Futures Toolkit to affordable and accessible housing, education and the achievement gap, land use and transportation planning, local food system development, and green nonprofit operations.  Winner of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Award as a “Livable Communities for All Ages” designee, JABA remains a test site for leading ideas and offers on-the-ground learning opportunities and peer exchange through the Viable Futures Center.

Generations United -- the national nonprofit working to connect children, youth and older adults through intergenerational programs and policies. Founded in 1986 as a coalition between the leading children’s and aging groups, Generations United (GU) promotes excellence in intergenerational programs, educates policymakers and the public about grandparents raising grandchildren and, through Seniors4Kids, empowers older adults to raise their voices on behalf of children.  JPI and GU work together on policy and practice that represent win-wins across generations.

The Intergenerational Center at Temple University -- founded in 1979, the Center  strengthens communities by bringing generations together to address critical concerns and creating opportunities for lifelong civic engagement. The Center develops effective intergenerational programs, provides training and technical assistance, conducts research, and creates materials to facilitate replication of successful models. Currently the Center coordinates local programs that use intergenerational strategies to increase academic achievement, foster immigrant integration, and support caregiving families. It also spearheads several national initiatives focused on promoting 50+ civic engagement and building communities for all ages.  The Intergenerational Center and JPI partner for peer learning and materials development.

The Utne Institute (UI)-- is an educational think tank and social enterprise incubator, partnering with other organizations to create synergistic projects and programs to engage people in effective service. UI helps people to direct their investments of time, energy, and money away from alienation, cynicism, and powerlessness and toward connection, hope, and purposeful engagement. UI’s most visible initiative is the Community Earth Council movement which includes over a dozen groups in the Twin Cities and nearly 1000 members across North America. CECs are groups of elders (50+), youth (16-28), and others working together to address global environmental and social challenges at the local level. CECs build community, helping young people find meaning and purpose, while providing elders with a way to give back, inspire, and impact the future.


Racial Equity:

Community Development Associates Inc. (CDA)-- a national consulting firm committed to effecting transformative change in urban and rural communities through community-based organizations, foundations, colleges and universities, and public and private entities invested in making communities a better place for all children and families. Since its founding in 1996, CDA’s work has helped people and organizations shape sustainable, vibrant and transformative dialogue, space, and organizational culture.  CDA partners with JPI in the areas of strategic planning, racial equity training, and non-profit organizational development, as well as the design, planning and facilitation of large and small convenings. 

El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission -- since 1987, El Buen Samaritano in Austin, Texas has fulfilled a unique responsibility in this community as a beacon of hope for low-income families. In its early years, its programs and services consisted of a soup kitchen, clothing closet, food pantry and literacy classes. Today, El Buen Samaritano is a vital source of help for low-income families, providing them with food assistance, health care, education and health and wellness programs.  It is an organization that demonstrates the power of resident voice and holistic solutions, with which JPI partners for peer learning.


JustPartners, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit consulting firm, partners with clients to create strategies and products for measurable, sustainable social change and improved organizational results.


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