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What are the community pressure points, challenges, and opportunities to which the resources of the Viable Futures Center respond?  They include:    

The changing landscape of available resources

  • The most severely constrained fiscal climate since the Great Depression
  • Unfunded mandates from the federal government to communities
  • Climate changes that demand changes in the ways we live
  • An over-growth of silo-ed nonprofits and governmental units whose missions are too limited for the complex issues we face today and whose separated resources cannot singularly respond to today’s needs

The changing faces of communities

  • Growing racial and ethnic diversity and the need for stronger community bonds
  • An aging population where people live and work longer
  • At the other generational end, a longer transition to self-sufficiency in adulthood
  • The unprecedented return of formerly incarcerated people to communities that lack sufficient supports and services

Opportunities through a re-emerging recognition of interconnectedness

  • Growing emphasis on regionalism and multi-jurisdictional planning 
  • Recognition of the greater value of public/private partnerships
  • A growing call for metropolitan-area leaders to design and implement integrated transportation, land use, housing, and economic development plans
  • A reinvigorated interest in civic engagement through a reconstituted White House Office of Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships 

Resources from the Viable Futures Center give users an edge in community problem-solving by virtue of:

  • Getting the most for everyone out of a smaller pie of funds
  • Using an integrated approach to planning and problem-solving
  • Creating  human, social, and political capital that strengthens communities 
  • Protecting and preserving natural resources
JustPartners, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit consulting firm, partners with clients to create strategies and products for measurable, sustainable social change and improved organizational results.



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Viable Futures Toolkit #2 (PDF)

Viable Futures Toolkit #1 (PDF)